Research Interests

Current Research (Metaphysical and Spiritual Healing Studies):

  • The environment & spiritual health
  • Crystals & gemstones
  • Tarot: History, Reading, Symbolism, and Path Work
  • Dream Interpretation and Application
  • Personal Journaling as a Revisionary and Intertextual Process
  • Shamanism

    The High Priestess. Thoth Deck, Aleister Crowley.

Current Research (Scholarship):

“The Ghost’s Walk,” Bleak House. 
Charles Dickens.
  • Gothic Fiction
  • Marie Corelli and the history and progression of occult & New Age thought
  • Victorian Spiritualism
  • Spiritual Feminism: The Witch, The Virgin/Mother, The Priestess, and The Goddess
  • Connections of language and Magik
  • Animal Symbolism in Victorian Fiction
  • Charles Dickens’s Social Relationships
  • Steampunk Fiction
  • Digital Humanities


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