Screenshot_4_27_18__8_25_PM.jpgMelanie first became involved in freelancing in 2006, and she has a particular interest in the fusion of writing & research and the evolution of the use of language. She enjoys assisting organizations & individuals. Her versatile background includes academic literary study & teaching, coordinating book signings at a metaphysical bookstore, customer service, corporate research Screenshot_4_29_18__3_59_PM.jpgfor data entry & lead generation, and animal care. Ecologically -minded and restoration-oriented, she hopes to use her services to offer to assist those in the humanities preservation efforts broadly, who share such a vision for the environment, art & artifacts, and humanitarian efforts–locally, nationally, and internationally.

Melanie has also been a student of spiritual healing practices since youth (See also Research Interests). She resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her three cats.

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